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 5G-MEDIA Project will officially participate in the NEM Summit 2017, which will be held in Madrid on 29-30 November 2017. The NEM Summit is an international conference and exhibition, open to co-located events and organised every year since 2008 by the NEM Initiative for all those interested in broad area of Media, Content, and Creativity. For its 10th edition, 5G-MEDIA is contributing with a technical paper entitled “Media industry meets 5G: the 5G-MEDIA project in 5G PPP phase 2”.

Over the years, the NEM Summit has grown to become an annual not-to-be-missed event, providing attendees with a key opportunity to meet and network with prominent stakeholders, access up-to-date information, discover latest technology and market trends, identify research and business opportunities, and find partners for upcoming EU-funded calls for projects.

The 5G-MEDIA paper has been accepted by the NEM Summit Program Committee and it will be presented during the Opening Plenary Session of the NEM Summit 2017 on November 29th. With this paper, the project will take part in discussions on the latest development in European media, content, and creativity, by explaining its objectives, concept and technical approach, as well as its Use Cases, as summarised here below.


The focus of 5G research and innovation has been dedicated to the required advances in network technologies: spectrum, radio access, software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV) and cloud infrastructure, flexible management and control architectures and development and operations systems.

Significant progress is being made towards the roll out of the first 5G networks in 2020; however, less effort has been put on the applications and services that will make use of and exploit such advanced 5G capabilities.

In this context, the 5G-MEDIA project aims at innovating media-related applications by investigating how these applications and the underlying 5G network should be coupled and interwork to the benefit of both: to ensure the applications allocate the resources they require to deliver high Quality of Experience (QoE) while at the same time the network is not overloaded with media traffic.

In this respect, 5G-MEDIA addresses the objectives of i) capitalizing upon and extending the outcomes of the running 5G-PPP projects to offer an agile programming, verification and orchestration platform for media services, and ii) developing network functions and applications to be demonstrated in large-scale deployments of diverse requirements, targeting three well-defined use cases, that will serve to prove the outcomes of the initiative:

  • Immersive media and Virtual Reality,
  • Smart Production and User-generated Content, and
  • Ultra High Definition over Content Delivery Network.

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-Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid-