Submitted to IEEE Communications Magazine, 2020 - under review
Service Development Kit for Media-Type Virtualized Network Services in 5G Networks
Accepted to 5G-PINE, 2020 - to be published
Programmable edge-to-cloud virtualization for 5G media industry: The 5G-MEDIA Approach
Embedding 5G solutions enabling new business scenarios in Media and Entertainment Industry
Optimizing QoE and Cost in a 3D Immersive Media Platform: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Enabling the Media industry with 5G: the 5G-MEDIA Pilot Cases
Comparing CNNs and JPEG for Real-Time Multi-view Streaming in Tele-Immersive Scenarios
Triptych: Multi-objective Optimisation of Service Deployment Costs, Application Delay and Bandwidth Usage
Enabling Vertical Industries Adoption of 5G Technologies: A Cartography of Evolving Solutions
An Edge-to-Cloud Virtualized Multimedia Service Platform for 5G Networks
Programming Tools for Rapid NFV-Based Media Application Development in 5G Networks
Benchmarking Open-Source Static 3D Mesh Codecs for Immersive Media Interactive Live Streaming
Media industry meets 5G: the 5G-MEDIA project in 5G-PPP phase 2
Utility-centric Networking: Balancing Transit Costs with Quality of Experience
DR-Cache: Distributed Resilient Caching with Latency Guarantees
Quality of Experience for 3-D Immersive Media Streaming
Towards Serverless NFV for 5G Media Applications
Remote production and mobile contribution over 5G networks: scenarios, requirements and approaches for broadcast quality media streaming
A service platform architecture enabling programmable edge-to-cloud virtualization for the 5G Media industry
Virtual CDNs over 5G networks: scenarios and requirements for ultra-high definition media distribution
Virtualized Module for Distributed Quality Assessment Applied to Video Streaming in 5G Networks Environments
A System Architecture for Live Immersive 3D-Media Transcoding over 5G Networks
Subjective quality assessment of textured human full-body 3D-reconstructions
On the Feasibility of Using Current Data Centre Infrastructure for Latency-sensitive Applications