Stakeholder Map

5G-MEDIA envisions a thriving European economy, revolutionizing rich media applications and services over easily managed next-generation 5G networks. With this challenge in mind, the initiative requires to take into consideration all those key stakeholders with a position to influence, benefit and contribute to the impact and outreach of this endeavour.

The 5G-MEDIA Stakeholder Map is a diagram that helps to identify graphically the profiles (either related to the 5G domain or the media industry) that shape the community associated.

5G-MEDIA Stakeholders Map

5G-MEDIA Stakeholders Map

Such diagram has been defined by having as a reference the target groups identified by the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP), refining some of the categories according to the context of 5G-MEDIA. Such map is complemented with a Reference Glossary that describes in an unique way the terminology that shall extend to all the activities in the project.

NOTE: If you wish to use this diagram please acknowledge the contribution from the 5G-MEDIA project.