5G-MEDIA @5G Day event organized by ETSI

By 13 January, 2020News

Nextworks has recently participated to the 5G Day event organized by ETSI and co-located with the 8th OpenSouceMANO (OSM) Hackfest in Lucca (Italy), where the “Ultra High Definition media distribution over virtualized Content Delivery Network (vCDN)” pilot has been presented.

The 5G Day is an event dedicated to 5G experiences, pilots and research projects and that takes place during the ETSI OSM Hackfests. The last 5G Day was entitled “From Data-centers to the Edge with OSM” and took place in Lucca on 18-22 November 2019, focusing on experiences and pilots involving core-to-edge deployments of 5G and NFV services of heterogeneous nature.

During the 5G Day, the 5G-MEDIA “Ultra High Definition media distribution over virtualized Content Delivery Network (vCDN)” pilot, developed by Nextworks in cooperation with project’s partners (SingularLogic, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and the University College of London) was presented in a dedicated session titled “Cognitive-driven Orchestration and Optimization of Cloud to Edge virtualized Content Delivery Networks” (http://osm-download.etsi.org/ftp/osm-6.0-six/8th-hackfest/5Gday/OSM_5G_DAY-NXW-5G-MEDIA-UHD_over_vCDN-v03.pdf).

The presentation offered insights about the 5G-MEDIA platform and its capabilities in enabling the deployment of flexible, adaptable and distributed core-to-edge vCDN services, where the 5G-MEDIA cognitive management framework applies a smart service lifecycle management based on monitored application metrics and detected anomalies in traffic flows. Finally, the Pilot scenario and the current deployment, which was already demonstrated live in previous events such the MWC‘19 and IBC’19, was showcased through the presentation of the implemented optimization workflow, which includes the adaptation and re-configuration of the vCDN service at the edge of the network.

The 5G Day has been a great occasion to share 5G experiences from EU funded 5G PPP projects as well as from industry, giving the possibility of disseminating the 5G-MEDIA project’s outcomes to a wide community of both researchers and companies. The event included also a panel discussion about the future evolution of emerging 5G technologies (e.g. Network Function Virtualization and Serverless Computing) and standards.