5G-MEDIA consortium reaches the proof of concept of Use Case 2

By 10 December, 2019News

Remote Production with ultra low latency

On December 3rd, 2019, 5G-Media proved the concept of a remote production with low latency between venue and production ends.

The breakthrough of this use case was to break apart the capture of audio video on a venue from the TV production. The design and develop was steered with the idea of minimum latency in the transport of signal between them in order the loop TV Producer-Camera Operator would not perceive loss of real time sense to avoid lack of agility on real time order/decisions.

The goals were meet successfully and the first impressions of the TV producers and Camera Operators was that the experience was identical as if a Studio production or O.B. Production.

The latency reached was 10 frames wht from a perceptual point of view can be considered in the range of real time reaction.

This design can reach a theoretical 3 frames latency easily in the near future with some minor enhancements.

Definitely a new landmark has been reached.