5G-MEDIA @Jornada de la RAI: “5G en el sector audiovisual”

By 25 November, 2019News

Our colleagues from RTVE participated in the event “Jornada de la RAI: 5G en el sector audiovisual”, held in Madrid on Tuesday, 12 of November 2019, at the Real Academia de Ingenieria.

During this event, our colleagues had the opportunity to explain the 5G-MEDIA project. In details, Pere Vila explained the 5G challenges and what it is expected regarding 5G networks and services in the media world, and specifically for RTVE, while Adolfo Muñoz carried out a presentation about the global vision of 5G-MEDIA Project and its uses cases. Then, Oscar Prieto went deeper into the use case 2, comparing between a TV Production today and a 5G-MEDIA Remote Production and its acquired achievements doing use of the VNF developed in the 5G-MEDIA Project like the MPE (Media Process Engine) and CNO (Cognitive Network Optimizer) and, finally, Gabriel Solsona explained the KPI achieved in the project and the saving a broadcaster could face thank to the Remote Production.

Other 5G-PPP projects had the opportunity to present their achievements and to share their visions about 5G technologies applied to media.

  • Cátedra RTVE-UPM: José Manuel Menéndez from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).
  • 5G-Xcast and 5G-TOURS projects: Manuel Fuentes from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV).
  • 5G-Genesis project: Pedro Merino Gómez from Universidad de Málaga (UMA).

More information about this event at: http://www.raing.es/es/actividades/jornada-de-la-rai-5g-en-el-sector-audiovisual

@photo credits: Read Academia de Ingenieria