Come and meet our Team at the 5G-IA stand

By 8 February, 2019Event, News

5G-MEDIA will be demonstrating its results and solutions at the next Mobile World Congress, 25-28 February 2019 in Barcelona, with a dedicated space in the 5G-IA booth (7K17 in Hall 7).

Representatives from the project will be at the 5G-IA booth for the whole duration of the event to showcase 5G-MEDIA.

The demo will present the 5G-MEDIA platform in the context of the “Ultra High Definition media distribution over virtualized Content Delivery Network” use case. The focus of the use case is on enabling Media Service Providers to build flexible and adaptable media distribution service chains, made up of virtualized functions, and deliver UHD media contents while users are moving in a geographically distributed 5G network. In this perspective, the demo shows the orchestration and agile lifecycle management of media service chains including an UHD capable origin streaming server, media caches to be dynamically deployed in hierarchies at the edge of the 5G network (and serve media contents in proximity to the users), and a load balancer function for smart selection of delivering caches.

The demo will run on-site in a portable testbed, where a realistic scenario of combined core and edge clouds will be deployed to deliver the 5G-MEDIA media distribution service. The visitors will be able to use the 5G-MEDIA virtualized Content Delivery Network (vCDN) solution and consume UHD media contents in both HD TV screens and mobile devices, experiencing the flexibility and agility of the media distribution service.

The demo will showcase the integration and use of the 5G-MEDIA components for the optimization of the media service development and deployment:

  1. The 5G Apps and Services Catalogue for the creation and onboarding of the media service components, i.e. the Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) building the vCDN service;
  2. the 5G-MEDIA SVP for the instantiation and configuration of UHD media delivery services as NFV Network Services, making use of the Open Source MANO NFV platform;
  3. the 5G-MEDIA MAPE module for monitoring the running media services, detecting performance degradations (at both network and media service level) and react upon them to automatically optimize the service by scaling the media caches hierarchy and properly reconfiguring the load balancing function for maintaining UHD streams user perceived quality.