5G-MEDIA – 5G Service Platform Architecture for the Media Industry

By 25 January, 2019News

On 18 January 2019, our colleague Madeleine Keltsch from IRT published an article “5G-MEDIA – 5G Service Platform Architecture for the Media Industry”.

Media applications are amongst the most demanding services in terms of resources, requiring huge network capacity for high bandwidth low latency streaming of audio-visual content. Recent technological advances in the 5G domain hold the promise to unlock the potential of the media industry by offering high quality media services through dynamic efficient resource allocation. Actual implementations are now required to validate whether advanced media applications can be realised benefiting from ultra-low latency, very-high bandwidth and flexible dynamic configuration offered by these new 5G networks. A truly integrated approach is needed that focuses on the media applications not only on the management of generic network functions and the orchestration of resources at the various radio, fronthaul/backhaul, edge and core network segments. The Horizon 2020 5G PPP Phase 2 project 5G-MEDIA funded by the European Commission leverages new options for more flexible, ad-hoc and cost-effective media workflows.

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