New 5G-MEDIA video online: The 5G-MEDIA Profiling tool (Demo)

By 11 January, 2019News

The 5G-MEDIA Profiling tool provides load testing under various resource constraints on NSs which are deployed on the emulation platform. A variety of metrics can be monitored during these tests and these monitoring metrics can help service developers find bugs, detect bottlenecks or investigate problems in their media applications. The 5G-MEDIA profiling tool aims to automate big parts of this workflow and thus support service developers as much as possible. To achieve this aim, the 5G-MEDIA profiling tool creates one or more test containers to send different types of media traffics according to the use case.

The profiler gets the data from the time series database available in the 5G-MEDIA (Prometheus) and examines the association among the resources consumption and the overall traffic load served. In addition to the analysis results, simple visualisations are produced based on the Grafana tool.

Check the demo here
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