5G-MEDIA team at NETAS recently presented at two different conferences

By 6 December, 2018News

5G-MEDIA team members working on 5G-Media SDK recently published and presented two papers at two different conferences.

Dr. Refik Fatih Ustok of NETAS attended the IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks in Verona, Italy between the 27th  and 29th of November.

This conference, shortly known as IEEE NFV SDN, is one of the flagship conferences of IEEE on network function virtualisation and network softwarisation. Refik Fatih presented their paper titled “Programming Tools for Rapid NFV-Based Media Application Development in 5G Networks.” In this paper, the authors explained the innovative aspects of 5G-MEDIA SDK as well as the programming tools such as FaaS Emulator and FaaS CLI Tools, validator, service monitoring and profiling which would simplify media application development through an all-in-one user interface (UI).

7th National Conference on Software Architecture

During the same week, Dr. Selcuk Keskin of NETAS also attended the 7th National Conference on Software Architecture which is a well-known conference in Turkey where all researchers working on software related topics share their research with the local audience.

Selcuk presented their paper in Turkish titled “5G Medya Endüstrisi İçin Uç İstemcilerden Buluta Sanallaştırma Yapısı” which means Edge-to-Cloud Software Virtualisation Structure for 5G Media Industry in English. In this paper, the authors briefly explained the 5G-MEDIA SDK and the all-in-one UI architecture in order to introduce the project to Turkish researchers.